July 2023 – Seamus Corry

1. Tell us about yourself:
I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and moved to Ventura in 2015. My wife and I welcomed our son last summer, Declan, and he has become our whole world. I love to travel (at least I did before we had the baby), my family, and all Philadelphia sports teams. Go Birds!

2. What do you do for a job?
I work on Point Mugu Navy Base for Fleet and Family Services. We provide all types of services and recreational activities for Sailors and their families.

3. Tell us something people might not know about you:
I am first generation American, both of my parents were born and raised in Ireland. I have dual citizenship with the US and Ireland.

4. What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?
I started doing CrossFit in 2011 in Delco PA. I was tired of the traditional gyms and was looking for something more challenging and fast pace. I discovered a CrossFit gym and never looked back!

5. What was your first impression? How has that changed?
My first impression of doing CrossFit was a love/hate relationship. When I’m in the middle of a workout I hate it, but when I’m done I feel so much better and love the feeling of accomplishment. That hasn’t really changed, it’s still how I feel most workouts.

6. What was your first “bright spot”?
My first bright spot was completing a bar muscle up. It took me years to build up the strength to finally accomplish one.

7. What are you working on now?
One day I’d love to be able to complete a ring muscle up.

8. What’s your favorite BeachSide CrossFit memory?
One of my favorite memories is the Friday Night Lights during the CrossFit open workouts. I love the buzz of the gym and atmosphere, it definitely encouraged me to complete a few more reps than normal. Another great memory I have was when I came back to the gym after my baby was born. It took a while to get back into the routine because I was so sleep deprived. When I finally came back for my first workout back after a couple months off everyone was so encouraging and made me feel so welcomed back into the community.