October 2021 – Jimmy Byrd

Jimmy has been a member at BSCF since 2011! Essentially making him a proud 10 year member. He is a prime example of consistency and you can find him at the 5:30am class…..or 5:36am:)  When he’s not in the gym look to find him shredding all sorts of gnar or at home with his fiancé and daughter.  Where you find him you are sure to find some laughs and just simply, pure sincere good vibes.

Tell us about yourself:
I was born and raised in Ventura and a 3rd generation native resident on my mom’s side. I have a 2 year old daughter named Kinleigh and a “wife” Chelsea. Other than CrossFit and family activities, dirt biking consumes most of my free time. I also enjoy snowboarding, although I haven’t been as much as I’d like in the past few years but at least get an awesome 3 day trip once a year with the gnar brahs. I also have been known to consume copious amounts of Coors Light and to strive to shred the gnar of life.

What do you do for a job?
Electrical Contractor

Tell us something people might not know about you:
I tend to be accident prone. I’ve broken a decent number of bones in my life (8 to be exact and probably an additional couple unconfirmed broken ribs), but just as annoying are lots of minor injuries and happening in pretty stupid ways. Like right now I’m dealing with a chunk of skin missing on the back of my heel from closing my gate on it taking the trash out…  I am also really good at sleeping and can hyperextend my elbows pretty cool.

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?
Normal gyms weren’t gnar enough. A buddy told me about CrossFit, so I googled it, found Nathan’s number, and called him. Later that day I drove to the “Baby BeachSide” gym while smoking a Marlboro Red. I was then crushed with a wall ball burpee AMRAP. It was just what  I was looking for.

What was your first impression? How has that changed?
Well at first I thought smoking Marlboro Reds and CrossFit wouldn’t be a problem, that changed quickly. I soon realized diet and discipline had a lot to do with performance and achieving goals.

What was your first “bright spot”?
Before I started CrossFit I had never done a back squat or even used a barbell for anything but bench pressing, so there has been a bright spot for nearly every movement in CrossFit for me. Specifically though, I think it was a 2016 open workout when I had been at the gym for about 4 years. There was a couple rounds of 50 double unders. It just so happened that they clicked that day and have had them (good enough) ever since. I heard Darren call this “open magic.” It’s a real thing. And yes, it took me 4 long years to get those damn things.

What are you working on now?
I would have to say everything. There’s not one thing that I believe I can’t get better at. Since I began my CrossFit journey, I feel like the Rx weights have gotten heavier, different movements have been introduced to the sport, and it’s enough work just trying to maintain my old scores and keep up with the other athletes at our gym.

What’s your favorite BeachSide CrossFit memory?
The Christmas parties and other extracurricular events are always a good time! Even though some of those I can barely remember, I know they were great! Definitely have had some great times, made good friends, and met a lot of cool people through our gym, and the competitive, fun, communal atmosphere that Beachside offers keeps me coming back for more!