Imagine how great you will feel knowing you have started a new fitness program it’s going to work. You decided to make a change and took action, you watched your body fat go down and your energy levels went up. You feel more confident not only with your body but with life’s physical activites. Your friends and family ask you how you did it and you tell them you joined BeachSide CrossFit. 

As a truly functional program, the difficulty level of our daily workouts is designed to be increased or decreased, depending upon your ability. This makes them doable by anyone. Daily workouts include individual coaching with core conditioning, rowing, running, gymnastics, lifting, etc. And all our workouts are designed to improve overall flexibility, strength, speed, endurance, and agility in a non-intimidating, encouraging environment.
*New to CrossFit? Our Foundations Specialty Course is just for you:)

*$3.99 convenience charge will be added to each monthly cost

Group CrossFit CLASSES

Family Rate For Couples


The Hybrid Membership is our best value program available. Work 1-on-1 with your own personal coach and take unlimited group CrossFit classes through the remainder of the week.

 Specialty Courses

Our specialty courses are dedicated programs with specific goals in mind. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to improve your Weightlifting, these courses are for you.

CrossFit Teens

No cell phones allowed unless they want to post a selfie;) your teen will a have safe, FUN experience that builds their strength & confidence. Teen Fit will help create healthy habits and love for fitness:). During our classes your teen will learn new skills, complete a fun workout and end with a group activity. Specifically designed for children 13-17

CrossFit Kids

Your child will a have safe, FUN experience filled with group games like kickball, johnny johnny and capture the flag that Build Strength & Confidence. Kid Fit will help create healthy habits and love for fitness:). During our classes your child will learn new skills, complete a fun workout and end with a friendly competitive game. Specifically designed for children 6-11.

 MetCon Fit

Are you currently frustrated with your fitness? Let us help you start a new habit. Our MetConFIT classes are for every ability. You will receive personal coaching in a non-intimidating environment.classes incorporate traditional strength training followed by a high-intensity interval workout. This program will give you lasting results with group of encouragement.

 Personalized plans

Have own personal Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer or Personal Movement Expert/Physical Therapist dedicated to your needs and goals. We have you covered.

*While we are NOT certified nutritionists, we have
years of experience providing guidelines and
nutritional advice on what works for people with
both normal and high metabolic rates.Always
consult your physician before changing your diet.


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