2 times per year we put together 5 week habit kickstarters to help ……well kick start habits!It is time to drop some body fat pick up some lean mass while creating real life habits! The goal of this challenge is NOT to be 100% perfect, in fact that is against the rules. We find the best success comes from maintaining a goal of the 90/10 approach. 90% within the challenge guidelines, 10% outside of the guidelines.

We believe in keeping it as simple as possible so here is your prescription for sound nutrition:

Here is what you are getting for the 5 weeks:

  • Pre and Post Hydrostatic Body Composition test
  • Fitness tester workout
  • Pre set guidelines to help you make the transformation
  • Fun point system to give you credit when credit is due
  • Bingo Fitness
  • Accountability
  • Results

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. 

  It seems simple, but that is because it is simple. It does not have to be complicated.

 What about portions? If you prescribe to the above you really do not have to worry about portions, your body will tell you when to stop eating natural real foods. On the other hand, food designed and engineered by men in white lab coats, for the sole reason to make and sell addicting products is chemically designed to cause you to overeat.

 What about veggies? Vegetables are the most nutritionally dense food you can consume – there are no limits! Eat up and reap the benefits. REFER TO THE ATTACHED INFOGRAPHIC  to geek out.

 “If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.”

Until you can quantify something (your body fat %) — until you can measure it precisely — you don’t really know it, and you can’t reliably change it.

What is reasonable progress?  This is very important to know as sometimes we are doing great and do not even realize it.

Progress                                                                 Fat Loss                                           Muscle gain                                                              

Excellent Losing  .5% to 1% every 2-4 weeks Gaining 1-2lb every 3-4 weeks
Average Losing  .5% every 4 weeks Gaining 1lb every 4 weeks
Slow Losing less than .5% every 4 weeks Gaining less than 1lb in 4 weeks

Here were our over results!!



Muscle Gained!