Sarah Galvan
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Sarah Galvan

Athlete of the month: Febuary 2018
 I was born in Oxnard, grew up in the Antelope Valley.  Moved to Melbourne Australia in 2007 with my husband Andy, who is also a BSCF member.  We lived there until late 2015 when we moved to Ventura.
I work for CMS, I’m Mortgage Assistant Extraordinaire for Marty Smith. I have dual citizenship USA/Australian and  was the high school mascot, Go Eagles! No kids, but have two awesome cats, Alfie and Delilah! LOL
    It took me 5 months to get up the courage, but I finally caved to peer pressure decided and join my coworkers “the CMS crew” for the noon classes. They are a persuasive bunch!
     I’ve always been a little intimidated by gyms and was very apprehensive about joining a Crossfit gym!  Here at BSCF everyone is so friendly and encouraging and now I LOVE being a member and look forward to every workout!
     I joined 1 year ago and have had many small achievements, first handstand, first rope climb and last week my first RX’d WOD!   Since joining I’ve lost 16.5 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle, reducing my bodyfat by 8.6%. I’m laser-focused on the Hot for the Holiday’s challenge and hoping for more great results!
      I’m focusing on pushing myself more during workouts. It’s a great feeling finishing lift or WOD knowing I could not have done any more, that I gave it my all in that moment.  I want that feeling after every workout and the only thing standing in my way is self-doubt.  I’ve surprised myself many times over the past year and I just want to keep pushing hard and have fun doing it!
     The white-water rafting trip in June was so much fun! Retrieving paddles, water bottles, random object floating down the river and rescuing people after one of the rafts flipped in the rapids, everyone and everything went overboard!   Then we almost lost Marty to the river on the first night, when he thought it was a clever idea to walk down to the river’s edge in the dark after a few drinks, next minute there’s a loud crashing noise he comes back with a wet foot and cut on his leg – good on ya boss!  We all managed to make it back in one-piece, good times!

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