I am always coming across reasons of why to live healthy, exercise eat the right foods. I am tired of all that. It’s time for a change and I have some good reasons to avoid it.

Die younger!
In a recent evaluation of 20,000 people published in the Public Library of Science Medicine, it was found that people who exercise regularly, drink alcohol only in moderation, consume a nutritious diet and avoid smoking can tack an additional 14 years on to their life expectancy. Just imagine what the government is going to be like that at that time, the country is already on a downhill slope. No need to suffer through it longer then we have to.

Just Barely Survive!
I have heard that some people want to be able to enjoy life past their retirement years. Those retirement homes look pretty comfy, always having someone push you around, blow out your candles and clean your room. Seems like a holiday!

Have less energy!
Studies how exercise stimulates the release of feel-good endorphins that not only make you feel better but also up your energy levels. What studies do not show is that I am too tired after work to get my ass to the gym. Who funds these studies anyways?

Help disease/illness come quicker!
Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help reduce free radicals as well as promote the release of toxins associated with disease and infections. I am confident my MD will have some medication I can take to thwart off any potential problems.

Keep medical cost high!
It may be true that active, healthy adults require far less Dr. visits and pay for less medications the their obese counterparts, but that’s what insurance is for!

Avoid watching grandkids!
If I focus on my fitness and health chances are I am going to be a healthier senior and may live a long time. By the time I am old enough to have grandkids I would have spent so many years watching my own the last thing I want to do is take care of more children. Children’s milestones — the proms, graduations, weddings and births of your grandchildren. Not so important.

Feel discouraged and have low Confidence!
Remember the way that you feel after completing that long run? After hitting a PR at the gym? Me either. Can’t feel that good.

Look worse!
I do not want to look too big and muscular, that looks kind of gross. Apparently, leading a healthy lifestyle can also improve the appearance of your skin, teeth and nails. That’s what make up is for and I did not even have to spend time in the gym wasting my time.

Worse mental health!
In a study conducted by researchers at Duke University it was found that exercising for 30 minutes, three times a week can help an estimated 60% of patients overcome their depression without using anti-depressant medications. I doubt those people in the studies had real problems like me, I highly doubt eating nutritious foods and working on fitness is going to cure me.

Have more time to watch your favorite TV shows and unwind!
You all know those people who miss shows or are busy to go out for a drink because they have to “go to the gym”. It seems like those people never have to enjoy relaxing at home watching sports and having a beer. It may be true, maybe they are physically fit and have better overall lives. They make more out of each day, are more likely to be positive, have more energy and feel more confident.

I suppose if you do not agree with my very good reasons to stay out of the gym and want to outlive your own potential, you should make exercise a priority. Fitness is a priority worth having!