Tire Strikes, Power Cleans and more Paleo WTF

What is all this craziness about?!?!! Who Hits tires with a heavy sledge hammer eats Real Whole foods (meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds essential oils, little starch and no sugar) and Pulls heavy barbells to land on their shoulders?????????…………………

Sounds like Crossfitters to me….But not only people who train CrossFit. And we should all do these things in the quest of strength, power and health..Why??? because stronger people are rad.the end. No not the end lets dig in…

The power clean is a fast, explosive speed strength exercise it teaches the ability to apply force and strength rapidly, the hip extensors, abdominals and trunk are mainly involved in the movement. It is the lower powerful muscles of the body that generate the force that is needed to bring the bar to the rack position, the spot where the bar will land on the front of the shoulders, the bar is delivered there by the slamming of the elbows or bring the elbows around the bar HIGH ELBOWS bring the bar to the rack…they increase neuromuscular co-ordination. The ability for the body to quickly utilize muscles in a fast movement. All in all the power clean is one of the essential movements for any strength program.

Tire strikes are just bad ass, forcing us to use muscles and movements that can not be so finely controlled as they can be with a barbell….Its important to switch it up and throw new movements and strength situations are way to keep the body guessing, stress and adapt…..

Paleo- Its just good for you for too many reasons. We could write a book on it (done) so we dont need to. Just coming into the weekend of paleo challenge and STRICT being the word……

Power Clean


200 meter run
Power Clean-70% of above weight

Milan drops after Cleaning

This was from another day but ..had to put it in Herb going high

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