The most vital peice of gear you need

No its not your Life as RX shirt, Weightlifting shoes are the only real piece of equipment you need to own. Everything you do starts from the floor and that means you want to get every bit of force you can……………………………..

weightlifting shoes have a raised heal to help aid those with flexibility issues. Again, its all about pushing off the ground, this is where the force starts on our kinetic chain. Any soft compression shoes will reduce the power and prevent foot stability, all things I would consider fairly important. As said by a wise old coach “squatting in running shoes is like squatting in bed”..If you are serious about lifting. Invest.

Back Squat

bar facing burpees
Back Squat *bar taken from floor 205/140#
150,250,400,800 meters

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    I made the blog and don’t have an embarrassing WOD face! Good day.

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    good day indeed!

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