Barbell Training-
Power Clean
start 50 hollow rocks
10 power cleans @ 65% 1rm
10 burpee box jumps
end 50 hollow rocks

The ability to strive to improve is a unique to us, we are the only species that actively can set out to get better at a specific task. Consciously making a decision to become a better husband, father, mother, daughter or friend. To strive to be healthier. Live a lifestyle that promotes a long and fruitful life. And here lies the question how to live a lifestyle that promotes a life free of modern health problems. Here is the prescription we have found to work best. Eat meat, dark greens, and any and all veggies you can get down and don’t be afraid of healthy fat (fatty fruits, nuts), if the fat comes in the form of “natural” animal and by natural I refer to those animals that are not factory raised. STAY AWAY from processed refined carbohydrates. Stay away from sugar. This is the baseline. From there we build our body. Using methods derived from the founders of CrossFit we train with heavy weights, use movements that utilize the entire body and elicit the best gains. We do this with intensity because its form the intensity we get results. The fuck me moment in the WOD or Heavy lift is where we getting our results. The shit has to be hard, no way around it. But its because you have decided to take your health, your life, in your control. YOU have decided to strive to improve. and THIS simple decision in itself can be the start of an amazing journey which you may never have thought possible. Strive for it. Our special and unique gift we share with no other creature on the planet. We can strive to improve.

here is some action from last weekends regionals, shit a few butterflies are goin on..I am fu*%&ing excited!