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Hungry on Paleo diet???????????????????????

First, if you’re hungry on the Paleo diet I’m assuming you recently began, or you’ve been Paleo for a while and need to refine it. Either way, congratulations on exchanging your diet for the human diet. You’re about to feel awesome.
Okay, you have two options to tweak your Paleo diet so you won’t feel hungry all the time. They are:
(1) eat more protein.
(2) eat more good fats.
Eating more protein is easy. Just add a bigger piece of meat to your plate, or eat a hard-boiled egg. Pretty simple, wouldn’t you agree?
But fat is the best option. Many people gasp at the thought of eating fat, but not us. Paleo dieters welcome fat.
Why Fat Beats The Hunger Monster
Eating dietary fat presses the digestion brakes. Digestion slows because of the hormones your body releases in the presence of dietary fat. And so, that process results in you not feeling hungry.
Think of it this way, when you include good dietary fats in your meal it slows your digestion from 65 mph to 45 mph. It’ll take a bit longer to get there (feeling hungry), but the engine is still working hard.
Eating Fat
Even still, when it comes time to talk about eating fats people tend to tangle their thoughts on which fats to eat. It’s very simple to add fats once you know which fats are best for your body. Be creative as you read through the list below, and think how you can add them to your Paleo dishes.
A few sources of healthy fats are:
· Coconut oil
· Coconut milk
· Coconut butter
· Olive oil
· Avocados
· Olives
· Macadamia nuts
· Hazelnuts
An easy way to get more dietary fat is to toss green leafy vegetables into a bowl, peel and cut an avocado into small cubes, and throw the cubed avocado on top. Then squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice over it. You could even sprinkle roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds on it. It’s easy, it’s Paleo, and it’s delicious.
by Travis SchefcikUncommon Wellness

4×2@ 80%


1000 meter row

55 Overhead squat 120/80#

150 meter run

100 burpees

for time

 Sonya reaching for that bottom position












 from yesterday,Steve going big





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