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Before anything I want to express my genuine gratitude for everyone who could make it and support us, BeachSide CrossFit had 34 people out over the weekend!!

Lindsey, Shawn, KTC, KP, DOC, Smash, Katie H., Kate, Jorge, Justin E, Derek, Christian, Paul, Cindy, Buff, K-ris, Louis, Nilce, Ponch, Amanda, Checka, Syndal, Heidi, Brit,Summer,Davis,Virginia, Jay, Trina, Chad, Carmen,Omar, Big Bane, Monica my Pops, fam and my daughter. Of course the team: Dillinger, Justin, Ben, Mee, G and Sloane Dog Millionaire. Representing!

The 2012 CrossFit Southern California regionals. A event that would prove to be hard, fun and having myself thinking “just what the f*&k was I doing.”
I had not been too nervous coming up to the event, but once game day arrived the first WOD jitters were on the verge of making me sick. I had the pleasure of watching the team first. Ben and Dillinger on the same 455 # bar at the same time, having to work in unison. And what sticks out in my mind most with Ben and Dilinger were the HandStand push ups. Dillinger using everything he had to get as many as possible and Ben fighting for the last rep so the girls could start, the slow push out Proved Ben was not giving up. The girls came up and to say they crushed it would be an understatement, the deadlifts were understandably tough, but watching them slowly make up distance on the hand stand push ups was inspiring. And now I was legitimately feeling anxious as ever.

The feeling 30 mins prior to the first WOD is a tough one for me. I am anxious, nervous and overall fear failing. In my mind races possible outcomes and possible personal shortfalls and all that is on my mind is getting this first WOD out of the way so I can once again feel like my normal self, not a pacing head wound maniac. We have an athlete warm up area behind the spectator bleachers. And here gather the round of athletes, picking up heavy weight quickly pushing through sets of handstand push ups. Each athlete with their own specific small routine, each athlete in their own little world and I speculate each athlete battling their own little bit of anxiety. 8 weeks of the open 3 weeks of waiting for this specific competition to start. The stage where are of the big dogs from SLO to San Diego come to play for weekend.
The sign in staff call us to wait in the coral, each athlete stands in his or her specific numbered coral, waiting to be ushered out to the stage. Coming out for WOD1 (21-15-9 deadlift @ 225#, HSPU) I could only hear the BeachSide peeps who came to hang out and support and this was to be the greatest feeling of the weekend. I walked up to my station and demonstrated the movements we were to go through. Deadlift and Hand Stand push ups.So far, so good. And then the countdown starts. I wait anxiously in front of my bar, waiting, thinking, breathing and it starts and everybody is no longer there only the task at hand. The HSPU are going well and this was my entire worry and as I get through the set of 15 already I know I will be happy with the outcome. 4:24 later and its done as is the majority of anxiety sickness I was feeling only minutes earlier. A personal battle and finished. I feel good. So far so good.

And waiting ensues in these comps, lucky for us we have a team there and they are already in the warm up area gearing up for the wod that had everybody on their toes when the WODS were announced. Ginger, Sloane, Justin and Dillinger. Justin starts paces through the row, makes quick work of the row and is off to the 225# hang cleans, followed by SDM, Ginger and Dillinger. Each athlete hitting 25 pistols and 15 hang cleans. ALL make it through and the team finishes what was thought to be our end.

The initial anxiety had worn off, but it was creeping back again. However not in the extreme it was in the beginning of the day. We were called to our small corralle and once again we waited. I always like to chat it up prior and this is another piece of what made this competition so fun. Once you get past everybody (most) serious side what you realize is that for the most part everybody is feeling the same way. Nervous and anxious and if you allow yourself to show that feeling first most of the time the people around you will follow suit. This is CrossFit and even though each of us want to do good and each of us are fighting for a top spot, its still community.

We walked out to our station and the judges quickly briefed us on the standards, 2000 meter row, 50 pistols and 30 hang cleans @ 225#…17 min cap. I already knew I was a disadvantage on this one. Never had I done pistols or such heavy hang cleans UNTIL the announcement of this wod only a few weeks earlier. I was ready to hit my goal of 20 cleans. Realistically I knew 30 was out of the question so 20 was the number.

We stood in front of the rower and as the count drew to 1 I sat down and strapped in. I concentrated only on smooth, efficient pulls. I actually started a bit fast and had to slow myself down to a 1:45 split time and so it went only concentrating on nothing else except my pulls. No crowd, now wod, nothing except me and those pulls. Using every pull to prepare me for the heavy hangs. About 7:10 I was off the rower and started on my pistols nice and steady the last 20 went quickly. I gravitated towards the bar, tightened the weight belt around my abdomen and engaged the first 2 were quick and without dropping the bar and that’s where that stopped. It was singles from then on out and that bar was real heavy, real fast. Each deadlift felt like a ton and in the back of my mind I was thinking “didn’t I just do 45 of these” . With things like these it’s a hard call on how fast to go yet let muscle recover enough not to miss. as I drew close to 20 I caught the bar low and off balance and with a fight the bar dropped. And those misses take a lot of from you. Each miss felt like the end. At rep 19 I missed the last rep of 20. And that was the end of day 1. Sure I wish I could have done a little better and looking back we always think we can. But I think it was the best I could do at that moment in time and any rep missed or time not as fast as I would like only comes down to me and that moment. Overall; a good day.

Day 2 was bound to be tough. 100 lb dumbbell snatches and a LONG hot chipper was in the future. The chipper I knew would be a fistful of suck, and especially after 3 WODS and 90 degree heat, but I did not know it would suck as much as it did.
This day was a bit more rushed then the first so I was getting ready as Ben and Sloane were finishing up. But the beginning I did see and what I saw were 2 of our athletes pushing themselves as far as they felt they could go and that is NOT easy when the girl next to you rips her shoulder apart and falls to the ground doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing, just as SDM.

In the warm up area guys were quickly throwing 100#s around and as usual I was feeling not as strong as most of these people, I have to rely on form over brute strength. Here we were again the same group of guys, same anxiety but this time the mood had lightened up and this time around I really was not all that worried I had only one other time had a go eith the 100# dumbbell but it felt good as long as I kept my wits and kept my form on track, steady is was the name of the game for me. And it out we were again, this time It was cool because my old friendly competition with Dan Tromello was on the front line again and somehow we were directly next to each other in the overall standings after day 1, which put us right next to each other at the start of WOD 3. And so it went again 3,2,1 and off we were I was probably close to last out of the gate for the first set of 10 dumbell snatches but that steadily reversed Dan was coming back from his run ready to start his last set of snatches and I was just starting the run, we slapped hands mid point. I kept my pace. Repeating the same sequence; look at the dumbbell take a grip wrapping my thumb around the bottom to make a secure hook grip. Set my back flat; straighten my knees while keeping my arm straight doing what I could to keep the power from the hips to the weight. The weight would fly up and I would fly down; dropping under and extending my arm. Each and every time this was the motion. On the 4th round and slowly edged him over at the very end finishing in 6:24.

As the day drew on the heat grew greater, and the long chipper was coming up soon. The team had first crack at it. Mee, G, Dillinger and Justin. So here was the kicker for them. The bar was NEVER allowed to touch the ground. So the boys would hold the bar for a solid 16 minutes. The first set of pull ups looked solid as Ginger flew through them straight and in the middle of the WOD G was down to 3 pull ups at a time and we would find out why later. Mee Lee was incredible to watch as she stormed through squat after squat after squat. They had a plan, Ginger to flow do most of the pull ups and Mee to do most of the squats. I am not sure if 25 straight S2O was part of the plan for the end of the WOD but that is exclt what Mee did and each damn one was perfect, our robot Coach Mee!

The sun wsa scorching the black pavement, my skin was red in a fight against the rays and it was 1:30 and time for me showcase what should be the WOD I perform best at…a long chipper style fest of fun. And nothing says a little pain like 150 squats, 120 pull ups and 90 S20 like hot balck pavement, 3 prior WoDs and a bunch of fire breathers around you.

The feeling in the corral was different this time, the stress was gone and it was nice knowing that this was to be it for regionals for some of us. We had seen each other over the last 2 days, give props, bullshitted, shared a laugh and for most of us, all on the same page and genuinely just trying our best, while not getting caught up with any ego. F*&k ego.

Already heading out to the stage I felt a sense of lingering doom of some amount of physical discomfort about to take place. I demoed some movements for my judge and stood again in front of my bar, patiently waiting for 22 minutes of BeachSide CrossFit gone wild to begin. Again all went quiet as soon as I got the bar to my back. The only sound I could hear was faint screams and my own conscious counting of the reps, 25-30 and on to 50. The bar went to the ground and I made my way to the pull up bar. A little chalk and a two sets of 20 and the 40 was done. The sun was starting to take its toll and any energy I had was quickly leaving. The S2O were done in sets of ten and the entire weekend was now starting to add up. My I was tired, my muscles didn’t seem to want to work anymore and stripping off the 25# plates to set up for the front squat seemed harder than it should have been. The first few front squats felt so light; however that feeling was gone only a few moments later. And it was now in autopilot mode. Autopilot in a weird semi unconscious zone . The 85# front squats drew to a close and off I was again to the Pull up bar. Second to finish the squats off in my heat and with that I could hear some faint cheers, As I made my way there the only athlete in front of me was kneeling underneath the bars, and we made eye contact I gave him a smile and a head nod, and this was a mutual sign of “fuck me this is hard” . At this point I was reaching that point of exhaustion all knowing I was only half way through and now the40 pull ups in my future seemed like a never ending task. The sets went down to 20 but the music that played was a euphoric melody as I did my best to take myself away, even if it was only for a second or 2. The pull ups got done and off I was again walking back to the 85# bar, the S2O were a dream but 50 OHS were just ahead and NEVER had 65# felt so fucking heavy. My head was saying go but The bar felt like 200#s and when I wanted a set of 15 I only managed a set of 10, when the bar was down the rest became longer and I could only think, I don’t care about anything else except making it through these damn squats. And painfully and slowly they got finished I even put the bar down with only 5 reps to go and rarely to I ever do that, that’s how much I was struggling. The last 40 pull ups would prove to be even more of a struggle. As I reached 20 pull ups my hands begin to tell me they would soon separate from the skin and a set of 10 became like a fantasy and at the end I was up there with a minute left and could only manage a few doubles and singles. Heat, exhaustion, fatigue fomr the weekend. All were very apparent and even though I only needed less than a minute to finish the last set of S2O I could not make it over there and 22 minutes was finished . I had 6 pull ups left in the last set of 40.

Day 3 and we were all feeling the weekend and the nerves were gone only a Snatch ladder remained. 155,165,175,185,195 all went up and 205 was a miss, and I was not too happy with that. I had envisioned 215 and with that 215 a feeling of success and with that 215 would have moved me up in the 20s. However I did not keep my eyes straight. I glanced down as I received the bar and that was all it took. And with that miss the long 5 weeks of the open, the weeks leading up. The day of and seconds before the first WOD is to start….all of that was over and it is on to next year.
Ben grinding out that final HSPU, Sloane handling 135, Justin yelling at his bar, Dillinger finishing all 15 of 225# hang cleans, Mee lee doing so many squats. Ginger showing me her ripped hand after the long chipper. The cheer of our friends and company of each BeachSide CrossFit member that came out. The proof that after all is said and done we have an amazing community with amazing people. I think each person having a positive effect on the others’ lives. This is what sticks in my mind.

Team: 26 of 30 teams- we finished EVERY WOD. super.
WOD 1- 10:27 -26th
WOD 2- 23:41- 23rd
WOD 3- 12:29- 26th
WOD 4- 29:38- 26tth
WOD 5- 630- 25th

Nathan: 34 of 46 of the top athletes in SoCal
WOD 1- 4:26- 28th
WOD 2- 17:11- 29th
WOD 3- 6:32 – 31st
WOD 4- 22:36- 22nd
WOD 5- 195.0- 28th(Tied)
and inspired to improve


Pre-Games And Team Info And WoD Videos

After 5 long weeks, BeachSide CrossFit pulled off a score that leads a team to SoCal Regionals, the Worlds TOUGHEST Region. Now the team is preparation mode training harder then ever to pull off a good finish at the 2012 CrossFit games SoCal region


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Top 60 men and women move up to regional games.

Top 30 Teams (Top 3 men & 3 women ) go to regional games.

Updated (3/25/12 6:45PM) chart with placing for So Cali Region.

Coaches Wod 12.5


Coaches Wod 12.2[youtube]qIXhYxDrxdY


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CrossFit Regionals- top 3 men and woman move on to The Games

CrossFit Games- 1 insane beastly man and woman will be crowned the “fittest on earth”

I am getting excited for this.